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4 inch beaded ‘MWiW’ Men & Women’s Indigenious World Heir Peace

4″ Beaded ‘MWIW’ I like to call this Men & Women Indigenous World Heir Peace
I like to call this looking through a different lens hoping to change the view on life where traumas are so hard to deal with. One cannot judge based on another’s life history. Everyone owns their own story Here & now…we are here to help unite and to help heal brokenness.
Everyone has their own life history. Their own story to share. I have a cousin who was murdered in jail…an aunt who died in prison as well, a cousin whose mother got struck by authorities no one will ever know the truth of the matter..friends have gone missing they are now butterflies in spirit,, daughters of people i know  we are praying for hoping will one day Come one will ever explain the truth of what really happened but the pain of what happened there still exists. Who will make the change to the path to Healing?  It takes a great strength to stand up and keep standing & to break the pattern of life that has been altered by someone else’s hands. We Matter. We Exist. You matter. You are here…Now is the time. You can make the difference. Create the Change. BE what’s the Matter because in the end all that matters is that we lived…and what did you do to accomplish what you own? MWIW heir peace…I am a traditional dancer. its not much to step out…and sometimes it does not take much to do that or sometimes the burden is a lot to carry but never alone because that’s what Friends are for and You were meant to shine and even through the darkness /darkness can serve you like a star that is truly meant to be a beacon in the night…The colors on here are for everyone…at the center is You…even more so is to find yourself at the center of the universe. …MWIW…

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