Inspired to Paint

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Sometimes I go places and leave things behind to brighten your world because you are appreciated for all that you do

Shrinkums! Jewelery Art

A friend traveled miles to come visit me for a time…He taught me how to make these shrinkums! You can turn the plastic container lids from your salad boxes, clean it up…paint or draw on it and make jewelry pendants out of them. What an awesome way to recycle…the is enough garbage in the world Why not turn it into something reusable and something someone will appreciate!

Dream Catchers…Some made with the help of my friends…made together seems more fun and creative a lot of times. Time well spent in friendship and creativity


Painted on sun dried rawhide and mounted onto a wooden frame that a friend had made for me… Crafters joining their works of art together to make a a finished masterpiece


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Wall Art made of birch slabs…nothing goes to waste when a tree goes down. There are different parts to the birch tree that can be used for many things. It is light in my hand when i engrave images to it like the feeling i get when i see the wolves run free. Both the inner and outer layer of bark can be used for medicine. The wood I also use in the first cold front of winter weather, When i find myself hiking in the forest and stumble on a fallen birch tree I elevate it off of the ground so the sun can work its warming magic on it: roasting it; making it ready for natural smoke tanning with the inner chunks of golden dried wood… Also to build our lodges…love the feeling of camping beneath the stars. Nature has such a powerful remedy a purpose for everything…

Eagle’s Eye

Never Did I desire for the mighty eagle’s flight to soar in the blues so high. If I ever craved for…if indeed…..It was the Eagle’s Eye.


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