Painted Deer Skull 95$

Available Wall Art Why not gift this to somebody. I cleaned this deer from start to finish. What you see here had a lot of energy put into this right from the hunt…to the cleaning of the deer to its finished piece you see here. A lot of time and work. Much respect to this 4 legged being. for purchase inbox me and


zooming in for a closer look
taking a closer look

Feathers/Fan Feathers

22″ long

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22″ long
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22″ long/Goose Feathers/mirror/deerhide/cedarwood handle/tin cones/smokey quartz black beads/light woodburn tinted handle

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Someone once told me turkey feathers symbolize fertility abundance, pride & regarded for having healing & cleansing properties. I like to make smudge fan feathers with these. My hunter relatives and friends often drop me items after hunting season to keep the flow of artwork and crafts going. Nothing wasted. Honoring our neighbors the Winged beings.

measures about 6″ tall by 4″ wide

Baby Loon Mini Traditional Fan Feather is dressed up with a deer bone handle and natural tan deer hide. Decorated with Beach glass from Lake Eerie. I collected beach glass along the Eerie shores along my travels. One summer day i was out having a nature walk up by a lake in my homelands Kitigan Zibi. I heard a Loon fly onto the waters…it seemed frantically searching for something when i noticed it. Loons remain close to their families. as i approached the lakeside I noticed a tiny baby loon had been attacked and it’s life was just not there anymore. When I am on nature walks I like to place tobacco on the ground and pray for its once upon a time life. I always tell my children…when we dance we enter the pow wow grounds wearing our buckskins and feathers and furs…we honor the life of our four legged friends, winged creatures, all creation…when we wear it we offer it new life that way my children as well as those i make regalia, arts, or crafts for discover the work I am putting into the regalia or items i make is being honored and recreated with TLC.

Beaded Things

I like it when i make something and someone i know spots it at a pow wow then a good trade is about to happen.

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Bear Clan Suede Coat

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scrimshaw on the horn and was smoke tanned and made into a hollow medicine pouch…when it hangs it’s wings are fringes. I love it when I return to places I have been and see my artwork still there.

Inspired to Paint

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Sometimes I go places and leave things behind to brighten your world because you are appreciated for all that you do