Glenda Stevens

This is my mother, Glenda Stevens Who Has devoted her life to Fine arts and Crafts. Travelling the world spreading kindness and Where ever she can, And now started this business To give (For a price) others what she has made to others, Expressing her culture and Teachings.

Pow Wow Tiny dancers

Pow wow comes along but not before the in flow of tiny tot dancers wanting their gear to suit up! Then who best to come visit to get the job done! My Mom always loves being surrouded by kids, and inspiring them to have fun at the Pow Wow and other events because all kids matter. These were made just before Pow Wow at the request of some kids inspired to dance.

Hi my name is Sage, Proud of my Mom for all the works she does. she is creative and crafty and I haven’t seen a design she isn’t able to craft yet!

Avec Vicky Taillon

Pow Wow arrive encore aun autre annee! A Kitigan Zibiles Cousines se rassembles toujours. Family; we always end up finding each other at Pow wow every year. Thank you Vicky for wearing my hand made designs every year! Luv you cuzzin! Cheers to another Pow wow together!

Glenda Stevens 2023

A new sewing Creation by Glenda Stevens modeling my fall design with autumn leaves Ribbon Pants. The pants are bell bottom style with a thick black lace design with extra deep pockets. Your cell phone could fit in there! This would be about a size 34+. 7 thin layers of ribbon: Black Red Yellow White for the four directions plus purple for self, Blue for the sky, and green for the earth $260.00 As is plus S&H You pay shipping or call for information. Serious enquiries only!

Drum Making taught to me by my oldest brother Paul Stevens & Pinnok Daniel Smith from Kitigan Zibi, my hometown. As a Knowledge Keeper pass on what you know to your children. Teach it to them while they are young. They will always remember it when they are older and continue the legacy to the next generation.

Hand drum was laced up by Me, my brother Mini hand carved the drum then shapes them to round perfection, the painting was added on by an another artist after the drum was passed on to it’s new owner.