Avec Vicky Taillon

A Kitigan Zibi Pow Wow 2023

Avec Vicky Taillon a Kitigan Zibi Pow wow 2023

Family always ends up meeting up together at Pow Wow. Some of us haven’t seen each other for months! Thank you Vicky for sporting my regalia creations so we can dance together each year! Some years the hides are not available depending on who has been hunting to provide and what hides have been shared. Some years no chance to make tan hide leather as availability is scarce. This year no hides from the hunters so we make fabric regalia as well to fill in the gaps and since we still want to dance we make our regalia in material fabric as well. Once upon a time I attended Sweet Springs Pow Wow down south and I was the only gal in buckskin and the weather was so hot! I was approached by a traditional dancer who was asking me where are all the rest of the women dancers, We were the only ones! lol! So we shared this example of the high heat there and realized how hot I was and how cool she felt in fabric cloth so we exchanged infos and voila a fabric dress to dance in. Family bonds are so important. Some of us had not seen each other for years and when we get to get together we catch up on so much fun and laughter! So we are tanked up for another year. Meegwetch to you ma cousine! xoxo Glenda