Avec Vicky Taillon

Pow Wow arrive encore aun autre annee! A Kitigan Zibiles Cousines se rassembles toujours. Family; we always end up finding each other at Pow wow every year. Thank you Vicky for wearing my hand made designs every year! Luv you cuzzin! Cheers to another Pow wow together!

Honoring Veterans

For my family, relatives, friends and those I dance with at pow wows and to every day life our journey. You are never forgotten. The ties that bind us together run deeper than any mystical darkness of light that anyone wish to imagine. It lives within the foundation of our hearts✨ Honor, Love & Friendship🌹✨

Laying in bed sick with an awful sniffly cold..nothing else to do but rest, chores, dream..i close my eyes I fly to a distant land climbing climbing climbing down ravines to where the sand is warm to a place I like to set my feet to ground i lay my blanket down I press my fingers through the sand. I feel the wind begin to whisper to the ripples on the waves . Then rises to and fro they dance traveling across the new wind belts seeking where each new echo of this whisper to whom this whisper where I go. Reaching out to all com gather…receive renewal, circles, letting go.. i can see the healing rising like waves across the land the water traveling though air the winds the ocean water beckoning waves crashing at the doors for Warriors It is time to Please Come Home you ride you ride and your whisper is still That was just a shadow and You are not forgotten and You are never Alone. 🙏🌺 A mes Ami/ies For my forever friends

Sept 8 @ 19:11 this one Painting is set to go to it’s new owner
Thank you for your friendship kindly and mostly for simply being all that you are You.

Skydance’s First Dance


I love the tradition and that moment your baby wants to get out there and dance…it becomes the responsibility of family and friends & other dancers on the pow wow grounds to step up and take the newbies by the hand and bring them on their first dance. Skydance with cousin Vicky on her first dance. A treasured and honoring moment on part of our journey through life honoring it with the beauty of Dance.